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Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The launching of the director’s cut of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is imminent. In particular, the WiiU, the first time the honor of Adam Jensen gets through the second screen donated some new features, which are presented in the video. New e.g. the opportunity to write on the touch screen notes that other players can be placed on the Miiverse available. This option is found, something changed, but also in the other versions.

In addition, the stealth action of Eidos Montreal on the WiiU gets a revised map that also makes use of the advantage of the second screen.

The Director’s Cut from Deus Ex: Human Revolution released on 22 October for WiiU, PS3, 360 and PC.


Diablo 3

Who knows Diablo 2, and how many loves, knows what he expects from part 3. By and large, you get that too. Plenty of monsters and zuällige equipment are always to earn incentive.
The visual splendor is evident only in spells, etc., because the perspective is relatively far from the action. Insgesagt games is the round thing.
Minor criticisms are for me – getting used to the menu, the new „skill tree” and the fact that explored areas are obscured when loading a save game again.

Ouya: 1 000 000 $ dla twórców gier

Firmy nie śpieszą się z produkcją gier na Ouya.

Przeglądając aktualną ofertę trochę się zdziwiłem jaka jest słaba…

Producenci konsoli na Androidzie wychodzą więc do twórców z ofertą – zbierzcie dolary na Kickstarterze, napiszcie nam gry na wyłączność, a MY sfinansujemy produkcję.